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Zamia pumila - Plant

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Zamia pumila - Plant  - Plants World

Zamia pumila - Plant

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Zamia pumila is a small clumping, tough, woody cycad. It is similar in many respects to Zamia furfuracea, but with slightly narrower leaflets, and to Zamia integrifolia.
Stem: 3–25 cm high and diameter, but is often subterranean and tuberous. At first solitary, but over time it will divide dichotomously or branch from the side forming a multi-branched cluster, with a large, tuberous root system, which is actually an extension of the above-ground stems.


  • Light: Extremely bright light is best for cardboard palms. Direct sunlight will be just fine, especially during the plant’s growing season.

  • Water: Though they don’t require too much water, try to keep their soil fairly moist. When in doubt, water sparingly—too much will cause their roots to rot.

  • Temperature: These are fairly hardy, though you should keep them out of the extreme cold. They can survive anything from the moderate cold all the way up through tropical heat.

  • Soil: Make sure their soil drains well, but other than that, they have few soil requirements. A regular potting mix will keep them healthy.

  • Fertilizer: Feed twice a year with general palm food—once at the beginning of the growing season in the spring and once at the beginning of the fall.