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Yellow Jasmine, Jasminum humile - Plant

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Yellow Jasmine, Jasminum humile - Plant  - Plants World

Yellow Jasmine, Jasminum humile - Plant

Jasminum humile is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 3.00 meters tall.



Habit Evergreen Shrub
Height 3.00 m
Pollinators Insects
Cultivation Status Wild

Scrub and dry valleys, 1500 - 3000 meters in the Himalayas.

Also found in forests in Srinagar.

Succeeds in a good well-drained loam in a sunny position.

Tolerates light shade.

Tolerates most soil types, including dry soils once it is established.

This species is not very cold hardy, tolerating temperatures down to about -10°c.

It requires some protection such as a warm wall when grown outdoors in Britain.

There are some named varieties selected for their ornamental value.

The flowers are slightly scented.

Plants produce suckers and these can sometimes be invasive.

Pruning can be carried out in early to mid spring. Removing one third of the oldest growth down to ground level rejuvenates the plant and encourages greater flowering.

Plants in this genus are notably resistant to honey fungus.