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Typha latifolia 'Cattail' - Plant

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Typha latifolia 'Cattail' - Plant  - Plants World

Typha latifolia 'Cattail' - Plant

Common name -Broad-leaved cattail

Scientific name - Typha latifolia 'Cattail'


T  latifolia is an "obligate wetland" species, meaning that it is always found in or near water. The species generally grows in flooded areas where the water depth does not exceed 2.6 feet (0.8 meters), but has also been reported growing in floating mats in slightly deeper water. T. latifolia grows mostly in fresh water but also occurs in slightly brackish marshes.The species can displace other species native to salt marshes upon reduction in salinity. Under such conditions the plant may be considered aggressive since it interferes with preservation of the salt marsh habitat


Plant care and instruction

1.Light - partial to full sun

2.Place - bright location in containers

3.Water - 2-3 time in a week 

4.Fertilizer - once early in spring

5.Repotting - divide occasionally 

6.Temperature -  bet 50-60F

Special features 

This unique plant is best characterized by its large, cylindrical, brown spike of female flowers from which it gets its name. Immediately above this large, thick structure, protrudes a smaller, pointed, light-yellow spike of male flowers. Below the flowering bodies, the stem is thick and pithy.