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Thunbergia grandiflora 'Blue Trumpet Vine' - Plant

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Thunbergia grandiflora 'Blue Trumpet Vine' - Plant  - Plants World

Thunbergia grandiflora 'Blue Trumpet Vine' - Plant

Common name(s): Blue Skyflower, Blue Trumpet Vine, Clockvine

Scientific name: Thunbergia grandiflora


                  The Bengal Clock Vine has been called by some "the most beautiful vine in the world". From a distance, this twining, flowering vine looks like morning glory, and even up close the flowers are quite similar. The curious name clock vine comes from the fact that it twines around support in a clockwise direction. It is a vigorous evergreen vine and native to northern India. From the rope-like stems that can reach to the top of large structures or even cover a good-sized tree, emerge the dark green leaves that are leathery and have a distinctive elongated heart shape, 4-5 inches long and often have a slightly toothed margin. The beautiful 3 inch wide pale blue or white flowers are cup-like with pale yellow to cream blue striped centers. This plant can be in bloom at nearly any time of year but will sulk during cold months. The rampant growth of this vine can be somewhat controlled by giving or withholding irrigation - once established it needs only be watered occasionally. Flowering: March-November.


Thunbergia Grandiflora Plant care and instructions

                     It can be propagated by seed or by using stem or root cuttings. In temperate climates, laurel clock vine should be grown in a heated glasshouse because it is frost-tender. When cultivated in this way, it enjoys a long and prolific flowering period. Although still a vigorous climber in a glasshouse environment, its maximum size is significantly less than when it grows in the wild. It is a long blooming vine in cultivation. Propagation is from stem cuttings or shoots from the tuberous roots. It is a fast-growing perennial herbaceous climber. It has become an exotic weed in many tropical countries. Thunbergia is easy to care for plant that can quickly cover a fence or pergola. The gorgeously showy flowers and lush foliage make this a choice addition to any garden. It is one of the freest flowering vines. The most commonly seen varieties are sky blue to light violet although there is a white flowering type as well.

Light - Full Sun

Place - Need to be placed in bright light.

Water - Medium, do not overwater the plant.

Fertilizer - Apply any organic fertilizer annually.

Temperature - 10- 55 °F

Special Features

             In Malaysia, juice from crushed leaves of T. Laurifolia is taken for menorrhagia, placed into the ear for deafness, and applied for policing cuts and boils.