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Teakwood, Sagwan - Plant

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Teakwood, Sagwan - Plant  - Plants World

Teakwood, Sagwan - Plant

Common name - teakwood , sagwan

Scientific name -Tectona grandis


Teak wood known as the king of timber belongs to the family Verbenaceae. Its scientific name is Tectona grandis. It grows as a huge tree and yields excellent quality wood. Therefore teak wood has a higher demand in national as well as International markets.


Plant care and instruction

Teak grows well on moist sites. To produce high quality timber trees, the site should be subjected to a dry period of 3-5 months duration. Teak soil is deep, well- drained, and alluvial with high calcium, organic matter and other element content.

1.light -full sun - Teak soil is deep, well- drained, and alluvial with high calcium

3.water -Irrigation during the stress period boosts the growth of the plants

4.fertilizer -Two doses of fertilizer (in the month of August & September)

5.temperature -39- 44 0 c and 13 – 17 0 c

Special features

Teak is used for boat building, yachts, exterior construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, veneer, carvings, frames, and more.