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Staghorn Fern ‘Platycerium spp’ – Plant

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Staghorn Fern ‘Platycerium spp’ – Plant  - Plants World

Staghorn Fern ‘Platycerium spp’ – Plant

Common name -staghorn fern plant

Scientific name-Platycerium


Each one has antler-like foliage as well as a flat, basal leaf. The flat leaves are infertile and turn brown and papery with age. ... Staghorn ferns produce spores as reproductive organs, which are borne on the edges of the lobed, antler-type fronds. They do not get flowers and they are generally not rooted in soil.


Plant care and instruction

1.Light -direct sunlight

2.Place - pots in direct sunlight

3.Water -moderate

4.Fertilizer -any organic fertilizer

5.Repotting -as needed

6.Temperature -between 60-80 degrees F

Special features

In the tropics (and even warmer parts of the US like Florida), staghorn ferns grow to truly massive proportions, jutting dramatically out of the crooks of trees. Their roots hold them in place, and they absorb water and nutrients through their fronds.