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Silver Fern - Fern Variegated Plant

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Silver Fern - Fern Variegated Plant  - Plants World

Silver Fern - Fern Variegated Plant

Common name(s): Silver fern

Scientific name: Alsophila dealbata


                   They belong to the lower vascular plant division Pteridophyta, having leaves usually with branching vein systems; the young leaves usually unroll from a tight fiddlehead or crozier. The number of fern species is about 9,000, but estimates have ranged to as high as 15,000, the number varying because certain groups are as yet poorly studied and because new species are still being found in unexplored tropical areas. The ferns constitute an ancient division of vascular plants, some of them as old as the Carboniferous Period (beginning about 359 million years ago) and perhaps older. Their type of life cycle, dependent upon spores for dispersal, long preceded the seed-plant life cycle.


Silver Fern Plant care and instructions

                       Needs a nice light spot indoors out of the full sun but can stand in a shady spot outdoors too. Blechnum gibbum is growing as an understory plant in forested areas where it thrives in filtered light and high humidity in moist fertile soils.       

Light - Light Shade, Partial to Full Shade, Full Shade

Place - Indoors

Water - Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings

Fertilizer - Use any organic liquid fertilizer.

Temperature - 16 to 29 degrees C

Special Features

              Ferns are fantastic for removing common airborne pollutants-including formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.