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Sansevieria Cylindrica Velvet Touch Red

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Sansevieria Cylindrica Velvet Touch Red  - Plants World

Sansevieria Cylindrica Velvet Touch Red

  •  Height with pot is 9 inch and pot size is 5 inch diameter.

  •  plants nature is indoor/semi shade, less watering


One exception to this rule: their pots must be well drained.

Like succulents, the roots cannot be allowed to sit in water or they will begin to rot.

These make great desktop plants for people who want something besides lucky bamboo.

They bear small flower spikes arising from the base of the spears.

Light: Bright, filtered light, but highly tolerant.
Water: Can survive long periods of drought. Water monthly or less in winter, weekly or every other week in summer.
Temperature: Above 50ºF, but can survive cold spells.
Soil: Use a fast-draining cactus mix.
Fertilizer: Feed during growing season. Do not feed during winter..