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Rose (Dark Pink) - Plant

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Rose (Dark Pink) - Plant  - Plants World

Rose (Dark Pink) - Plant

  • Family: Rosaceous plants (Rosaceae)

  • Genus: Roses

  • Habit: straight growing or climbing, usually with thorns

  • Plant height: Bed roses up to 0.80 m, shrubs up to 2 m, climbing roses up to 4 m

  • Flowers: mostly five-petalled, simple or filled, fragrant or non-fragrant

  • Fruits: Rosehips



  • before planting, dig the soil over about two spades deep and loosen it thoroughly

  • remove larger stones and weeds

  • dig a plant whole which is about 40 cm deep and wide

  • loosen the excavated soil with peat, humus or rose compost

  • for better aeration, mix some gravel

  • do not add fertilizer or compost, this could burn the roots

  • when planting, the grafting position should be placed 5 cm below the surface of the soil

  • fill with excavation

  • move the plants gently back and forth when doing this to avoid cavities

  • compress the earth carefully and water well

  • a pouring edge helps with watering


The basis for blooming and healthy roses is a proper cultivation. Roses make particular demands on every season, so the care needs to be adjusted to the appropriate season. Watering and fertilizing is not enough.

Roses prefer fresh, sandy-loamy soil with a content of humus that is neither too wet, nor too dry. They should never be planted in a place, where other roses already grew. This would lead to the rose replant disease. The roses would only grow slowly.