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Ran Lehsun, Iphigenia - Plant

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Ran Lehsun, Iphigenia - Plant  - Plants World

Ran Lehsun, Iphigenia - Plant

Iphigenia is a plant.

It is Perennial.

It grows in tropical climate.

It grows upto 25 Cm.

Best used for Phlegm.


This plant is native to India.

Pale grass lily, while not in flower, is not particularly conspicuous, though occurring naturally in open, sunlit meadows up to an elevation of 7,000 ft.

The grass-like plants, 10" tall, stand erect amidst grass.

The leaves are slender, sessile and cauline.

Only one-third of an inch wide, the dark green leaves tend to curl out at the ends.

The plants have tubers and fibrous roots near the surface of the soil.

The plants grow in tight bunches. .

The flower stalks sprout straight from the ground during rains.

The flowers are like six-pointed stars.

The hybrid and cultivated flowers come in several shades - pink, orange and dark blue.

The fruit is a three-valved capsule. The porcelain fine flowers are ideal for table tops and window sills.