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Polka Dot White, Hypoestes phyllostachya 'White Splash' - Plant

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Polka Dot White, Hypoestes phyllostachya 'White Splash' - Plant  - Plants World

Polka Dot White, Hypoestes phyllostachya 'White Splash' - Plant

Common name(s): Polka dot plant, freckle face, measles plant, White Splash

Scientific name: Hypoestes phyllostachya


                  Polka dot white plant is a delicate tropical foliage plant, which has become popular as a novelty houseplant. It is a perennial herb native to Africa, growing 1-2 ft tall. It is grown for its pink, red, or white mottled, dark-green leaves. Leaves are ovate in shape and are generally 3-4 cm long. The pink-purple flowers occur in leafy spikes during the summer season. However, the flowers are negligible in comparison to the brightly spotted foliage. In NE India, Polka Dot Plant seems to have escaped cultivation and is frequently seen growing wild.  


Polka Dot White plant care and instructions

                   Warm temperatures and humidity are key to growing polka dot plants. Expect to water regularly unless you get sufficient rainfall. This plant also needs regular feeding throughout the spring to fall growing season. Polka dot plants bloom sporadically, typically during the summer, with small lilac or pink-colored flowers on spikes. Pinch off these flower spikes to keep the plant’s energy focused on growing its vibrant foliage.

Light - Bright, indirect light.

Place - Bright, indirect light is ideal indoors, such as from an east- or south-facing window.

Water - These plants like a moderate amount of moisture in soil all the time, don't let the soil completely dry out, and also soil shouldn't be soggy.

Fertilizer - Feed container plants with an organic fertilizer designed for houseplants once a month during the warm growing season.

Temperature - 70º-80ºF.

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