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Pithecellobium Dulce, Jungle Jalebi - Plant

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Pithecellobium Dulce, Jungle Jalebi - Plant  - Plants World

Pithecellobium Dulce, Jungle Jalebi - Plant

Pithecellobium dulce is a fast-growing tree with a generally broad and spreading or rounded crown.

It usually grows from 10 - 15 metres tall, but ranges between 5 and 18 metres.

Multiple boles are often formed, these are usually short, generally 30 - 50cm in diameter but up to 100cm.

The tree is widely cultivated as an ornamental, shade-providing plant in the tropics.

It is also grown in S. America for its fruit and seed.

The fruits are sold in local markets.


Habit Tree
Height 15.00 m
Growth Rate Fast
Pollinators Bees
Cultivation Status Cultivated, Ornamental, Wild

The tree grows well at low and medium altitudes in both wet and dry areas of the tropics.

It can tolerate an annual rainfall as low as 140mm and as high as 2,200mm.

It will grow in areas where the average temperature ranges from 18 - 27.9°c.

An easily grown plant that can succeed in most soils, it prefers a well-drained soil in a sunny position.

Can also succeed in heavy clay soils.

The tree can grow on poor soils, on wastelands and even with its roots in brackish water.

Established plants are drought tolerant.

Tolerates a pH as high as 8.3.

Plants have escaped from cultivation and become naturalized as a weed in dry places in some areas of the tropics.

Commences flowering when only 1 - 2 metres tall.

Trees can reach a height of 12 - 15 metres in about 40 years. In favourable soil conditions, they may reach a height of 10 metres in only 5 - 6 years.

The trees coppice vigorously and produce root suckers upon injury to the roots.

Once planted in the field, the tree does not need any treatment other than occasional pruning.