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Pilea Cadierei, Pilea Aluminium, Watermelon Pilea - Plant

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Pilea Cadierei, Pilea Aluminium, Watermelon Pilea - Plant  - Plants World

Pilea Cadierei, Pilea Aluminium, Watermelon Pilea - Plant

Common name(s): Pilea Aluminium, Watermelon Pilea

Scientific name: Pilea cadierei 


                  Aluminum Plant is a native of Vietnam and is grown for its attractive foliage. The dark green leaves have silver markings between the veins. The foliage of the aluminum plant looks like it has been splashed with aluminum paint, hence the common name. This is an upright, herbaceous perennial that is noted for its textured green and silver foliage. It typically grows in a shrubby clump to 12" tall. Elliptic to obovate, toothed, dark green leaves (to 3" long), with each leaf having four rows of upraised silver patches. Leaf appearance gives rise to an additional common name of watermelon pilea. Tiny green flowers may appear in cymes. Flowers are small and insignificant.


Pilea cardirei Pilea aluminium Plant care and instructions

                      Common is a vine and has larger glossy green leaves than Royal. Both can survive in temperate climates if they are planted in a sheltered area. Arabian is a small bush with evergreen leaves. There are many other varieties of plants, of which are best suited for sub-tropical climates. Learning how to grow will add a striking visual and olfactory touch to the garden. The vines need to be trained early when they are young. You may use plant ties or just weave them through trellis sections. Fertilize the plant in spring just before new growth appears. Pinch off the tips of the vines in the second year to promote branching which will fill the trellis with bushy growth.

Light - Light Shade, Partial to Full Shade

Place - Indoor near windows partial to full sunlight.

Water - Medium, do not overwater the plant.

Fertilizer - Apply any organic fertilizer. Fertilize in spring before new growth.

Temperature - 60 to 75 Degrees F

Special Features

            Easy maintenance indoor plant.