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Passiflora vitifolia, Perfumed Passion Flower - Plant

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Passiflora vitifolia, Perfumed Passion Flower - Plant  - Plants World

Passiflora vitifolia, Perfumed Passion Flower - Plant

Common Name: Perfumed Passion Flower, Grape Leaved Passion Fruit
Medicinal Name: Passiflora vitifolia
Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Summer, Spring

Bloom Description: Red

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained, Average

Maintenance: Medium

Suggested Use: Annual

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Evergreen


Passiflora vitifolia, the perfumed passionflower, is a species of Passiflora, native to southern Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama) and northwestern South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru). It is a vine with cylindric stems covered in red-brown hairs when young. The leaves are serrate, three-lobed, up to 15 cm long, and 18 cm broad. The lobed leaves' resemblance to grape leaves gives this passionflower its specific epithet, "vitifolia," meaning "grape leaves" after the Latin for grape "Vitis." The flowers are bright red, up to 9 cm in diameter. The fruit is a berry 5 cm long and 3 cm broad, with green flesh speckled with white, slight downy hairs, containing numerous seeds. The fruit is quite sour when it falls off the plant and can take a month to ripen to its full flavor of sour strawberries. Due to the fragrant fruit, it is in small-scale cultivation in the Caribbean.