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Pandan, Biryani Leaves, Pandanus amaryllifolius - Plant

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Pandan, Biryani Leaves, Pandanus amaryllifolius - Plant  - Plants World

Pandan, Biryani Leaves, Pandanus amaryllifolius - Plant

Common Name: Pandan
Botanical Name: Pandanus amaryllifolius
Type: Fragrant

Bloom Time: Summer

Bloom Description: Green & Yellow

Sun: Part shade

Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained, Average

Maintenance: Low

Flower: Showy


Pandanus amaryllifolius -  It is a small branched tree or shrub with fragrant flowers, found wild in southern India, Burma, and the Andamans. it is a small, slender, branching tree with a flexuous trunk supported by brace roots. They are almost exclusively used in the form of a watery distillate called kewra water. Flowers have a sweet, perfumed odor that has a pleasant quality similar to rose flowers, but kewra is more fruity. The distillate (kewra water, pandanus flower water) is quite diluted; it can be used by the teaspoon, often even by the tablespoon. Most delightful, richest, and powerful of perfumes even when dried.