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Mussaenda Pink - Plant

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Mussaenda Pink - Plant  - Plants World

Mussaenda Pink - Plant

Common Name: paper-rose
Botanical Name: Mussaenda
Type: Flowering

Bloom Time: Seasonal bloomer

Bloom Description: Red or yellow with white, red or pink sepals

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Medium

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Evergreen


Mussaenda is a genus of over 200 species of evergreen trees, shrubs, or vines native to much of tropical Africa, Asia, Madagascar, and the Pacific Islands. Cultivated hybrids are mainly rounded evergreen tropical shrubs or sub-shrubs that will grow to 10’ tall in tropical areas, but more likely will reach 1-3’ tall in containers in the St. Louis area. Clusters (corymbs) of small, tubular flowers with five spreading lobes bloom in summer, however it is the large and colorful, ovate, leaf-like sepals (to 3” long) that provide the real ornamental display (in somewhat the same way as with Schizophragma). Some individual flowers in each cluster will develop a single enlarged sepal. Elliptic to ovate, bright green leaves (to 6” long). Hybrids sold in commerce typically feature flowers in red and/or yellow with showy sepals of white, bright red or pink.