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Monkey Grass, Mondo Grass - Plant

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Monkey Grass, Mondo Grass - Plant  - Plants World

Monkey Grass, Mondo Grass - Plant

Common Name: Monkey Grass, Mondo grass
Botanical Name: Ophiopogon japonicus
Type: Ground Covers
Bloom Time: June to July

Bloom Description: Lavender

Sun: Part shade to full shade

Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained, Average

Maintenance: Medium

Suggested Use: Ground Cover, Naturalize

Flower: Insignificant

Tolerate: Drought, Heavy Shade, Black Walnut


Ophiopogon japonicus, commonly called mondo grass, is an evergreen, tuberous-rooted, rhizomatous, perennial of the lily family. It typically forms an arching clump to 8-12” tall and as wide or narrow, linear, grass-like, dark green leaves (each leaf to 8-15” long and 3/16” wide).

Foliage is similar to that of Liriope (also in the lily family), but leaves are narrower and more refined. Small, 6-tepals, bell-shaped, white to lilac-tinted flowers (1/4” wide) bloom in summer in short racemes (2-3” long) atop leafless stalks.

Flowers are followed by spherical, pea-sized, blue-black berries (1/4” across). Flowers and fruits are usually partially hidden by the foliage. This plant is ornamentally grown for its tufts of grass-like leaves.

Planting & Caring -

Best grown in rich, fertile, humusy, slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Prefers consistent and even moisture in soils that do not dry out.