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Money plant marble prince, Scindapsus n joy - Plant

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Money plant marble prince, Scindapsus n joy - Plant  - Plants World

Money plant marble prince, Scindapsus n joy - Plant

You can decorate your balcony or indoor with Money plant Marble prince; also you can plant in the hanging basket


Money Plant is a very easy plant to grow quickly and provide the rooms with a colourful leaf display. It is best grown in a warm spot protected from droughts.

Water: Twice a week

Light: Indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight. Bright filtered light throughout the year is best for these plants.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once in 2 weeks

Money Plant has large, glossy, variegated heart-shaped leaves which can brighten any indoor space. They can be trained up a totem pole, string, moss stick, or be made to spill over the edge of a table or shelf.

They grow well in a hanging basket to display their attractive foliage. The leathery, shiny-surface, leaves are arranged alternately on 5-8 cm (2-3 inch) long leaf-stalks

They also can be encouraged to use their aerial roots to support themselves in a water vase.

This is the ideal plant for offices, shopping centers, hotels and other public areas as they are easy to maintain in low light and are efficient at removing indoor pollutants.