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Lemon Grass 'Cymbopogon' - Plant

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Lemon Grass 'Cymbopogon' - Plant

Lemon Grass 'Cymbopogon' - Plant

It is a frost-sensitive perennial grass growing to 80 cm tall.

It is part of the Poaceae family.

Its leaves are long, with acute ends, and measure 3 cm wide and 80 cm long.

They are leathery and sharp, organized in a basal rosette.

It's not obvious to recognize it without checking to smell, as it looks like many other types of grass.

Flowering occurs from August to October, brown in color.


    • Lemongrass likes rich and well-drained soil.

    • Plant in a pot of at least 5 liters, like a planter or a pot, in rich potting soil.

    • The soil must remain well moist the first weeks after planting.

    • In open ground, wait until the last risk of frost is finished and the soil is warmed up.

    • Prepare holes about 20 cm deep (depending on the size of the root ball). Incorporate potting soil into it.

    • Plant and tamp the roots to avoid air pockets around the roots, and cover the root ball slightly.

  • Pour plenty of water to facilitate rooting.

    • Natural Fertilization: put some compost around the plant, and lightly scratch the top to incorporate.

    • Lemongrass grown in pots or planters should be watered when the top of the soil dries. Prefer watering in the morning.

    • For open soil crops, watering is done only the first weeks after sowing and planting.

    • Watering after sowing should be gentle.

    • Watering after planting/transplanting is done with a spray or watering cannula, taking care not to wet the leaves.