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Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Grey' (A) - Succulent Plant

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Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Grey' (A) - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Grey' (A) - Succulent Plant

Common name -Panda plant or pussy ears

Scientific name -kalanchoe tomentosa ‘grey’ 


These leaves are covered in tiny hairs that give the plant a velvety look and feel.


Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Grey' Plant care and instruction

Locate the indoor panda plant in medium to bright light. As with most succulents, soil should be allowed to dry between waterings. In fact, watering is a limited part of panda plant care. When you do water, do so completely while giving the plant the infrequent drink

1.light -bright light. -Locate the indoor panda plant in medium to bright light. 

3.water -  infrequent

4.fertilizer -during  growing season 

5.repotting -as needed

6.temperature - between 60 and 75 degrees F