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Kalanchoe Purple, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana - Plant

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Kalanchoe Purple, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana - Plant  - Plants World

Kalanchoe Purple, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana - Plant

Common name - flaming Katy

Scientific name - kalanchoe blossfeldiana purple 


Kalanchoe 'Lican (Purple)'Kalanchoes are bright succulents with thick green leaves and vivid flowers.


Plant care and instruction

       The hearty plant does well with minimal water, requiring a complete saturation only every few weeks or so (and even less often during the winter months). Let the soil of your Kalanchoe dry out completely in between waterings (this helps to prevent root rot), then water to the point of saturation.     

       1.Light- Full sunlight

       2.Place- area with plenty of sunlight and sandy soil 

       3.water – when soil feels dry

       4.fertilizer – during periods of new growth

       5.Repotting - repotting on an annual basis in fall after the blooming should help promote sprouting of new leaves at the end of winter.

       6.Temprature - 55° F – 85° F

Special features

  •       Leaves are succulent, flattened, and toothed.

  •       Flowers are salverform, have 4 petals, and are in cymes.

  •       Flowers are sticky.

  •       Keep the plant warm and away from drafts. Do not water or feed the plant for 6 weeks, as it is dormant. As soon as you see flower buds, move the plant to brighter lighting and resume watering. Feed the plant in spring and remove spent flowers to encourage new buds.