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Jai - Plant

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Jai - Plant  - Plants World

Jai - Plant

The plant has taken good growth very soon and has spread with support of the rose plants covering the thorns, a blessing in disguise.

Early mornings are great with the fragrance travelling in the whole garden and feeling refreshed and happy! learned another new meaning for happiness is fresh natural flower fragrances.


The jasmine plant grows from the direction of tip as a climber , but I guess if we trim the tips it will grow in a bush.
Healthy growing of Jasmine plant tips- 1) Select a healthy plant from the nursery, no black or brown spots on leaves, reason fro infection. See the leaves whether they are firm or drooping, signs of less water and care, risk of surviving when bought. Colors of leaves must be bright green in healthy jasmine plant.

Grow the plant in bigger container if you need a good length of growth as climber or creeper from this jasmine. So also you will get many good blooms which can be used to make gajras, hair decorations or malas for offering in temples to God. Tough plant containers must be selected as the weight of the jasmine climber is more and the container must be able to bear this. Select cement or metal containers for best long life. Hard tough soil for strong support to the weight of the climber.Water daily in early growth stages , once grown bigger the plant can bear skipping in watering.

Trim the tips before the plant has produced flowers. I have been trimming the new growths in jasmine plant of excessive growth in all directions, it looks and grows in all directions like a green flower. If you wish to grow as bush then leave them . Otherwise trim the weak shoots to give the climber a sense of direction one way according to your grill trellis or support. This will encourage healthy growth in your jasmine plant and also encourage bigger jasmine jai juhi blooms.

While plucking the flowers do take care to handle the climber gently. Be careful of birds nipping the tips of plants for fresh leaves. Grow away from bird bath or bird feeders as the blooms are sweet and birds love them. Select a shady area on your window sill or garden where the jasmine plant receives few hours of early morning or evening sunlight and not direct sunlight.

Another practical tip for using the Jasmine flowers in a room or cupboard as air fresheners is do not put them in water containers or vases. If kept in water the flowers will rot and die sooner within hours, leave aside will also not spread any fragrance. The jasmine flowers spread fragrance only when flowers are in dry conditions and the flowers will give out fragrance even after drying two to three days, but on the plants the heavenly fragrance remains for more days if the jasmine is grown away from direct blast of air or wind.