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Hydrangea Macrophylla (Pink) - Plant

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Hydrangea Macrophylla (Pink) - Plant  - Plants World

Hydrangea Macrophylla (Pink) - Plant

Common name(s): Hydrangea (Pink)

Scientific name: Hydrangea Macrophylla


                  With immense billowy blossoms, hydrangeas flaunt an old-fashioned charm that is hard to resist. Colors also beguile with clear blues, vibrant pinks, frosty whites, lavender, and rose sometimes all blooming on the same plant! The colors of some H. macrophylla flowers are affected by the relative availability of aluminum ions in the soil. Acidic soils with a pH of less than 5.5 produce blue flowers; soils with a pH greater than 5.5 product pink flowers. White flowers are not affected by pH. Unrivaled in the shrub world, these elegant ladies are easy to cultivate, tolerate almost any soil, and produce flowers in mid-summer through fall (when little else may be in bloom). Hydrangeas are excellent for a range of garden sites from group plantings to shrub borders to containers.


Hydrangea Macrophylla Plant care and instructions

                  For the first year or two after planting and during any drought, be sure hydrangeas get plenty of water. Leaves will wilt if the soil is too dry. Be cautious about planting hydrangeas under or near trees, as the large roots may not leave enough water and nutrients for the hydrangeas. Keep an eye on hydrangeas in these positions, and transplant them to a new area if they are struggling to grow or produce flowers.

Light - Prefer full sun in the morning with some afternoon shade.

Place - The best place to plant hydrangeas is in a sheltered location with sunny weather.

Water - Water daily for the first few days after planting. Once the plant is established then water when the soil dries out

Fertilizer - Fertilize once or twice in the summer.

Temperature - Cool to average 45-65F/7-18C.

Special Features

             Hydrangea is used for urinary tract problems such as infections of the bladder, urethra, and prostate; enlarged prostate; and kidney stones. It is also used for hay fever.