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Hoya kerrii, Heart Leaf, Sweetheart Hoya (Variegated) - Succulent Plant

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Hoya kerrii, Heart Leaf, Sweetheart Hoya (Variegated) - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Hoya kerrii, Heart Leaf, Sweetheart Hoya (Variegated) - Succulent Plant

Common name(s): Sweetheart Hoya, Heart-shaped Hoya, Heart Leaf

Scientific name: Hoya kerrii


                  Hoya kerrii is a climbing plant that can grow up to 4 meters high (around 13 feet). Stems have a diameter of 7 mm. The leaves are 6 cm wide, 5 mm thick. Adult plants show inflorescences of 5 cm diameter and up to 25 flowers. They produce small balls of nectar, colored red to brown. They smell only faintly or not at all. The heart-shaped plant looks like a thornless succulent or cactus.


Plant care and instructions

                    Start planting when the temperature is stable. Use a small pot for one leaf. Re-pot when a plant grows drastically. Take care of roots while planting. Keep a safe distance between two plants as they should not collide with each other. Avoid cocoa peat-based soil mix. While repotting, use sandy soil, agricultural grit, and little organic material. Roots are so delicate and softly firmed in the soil. So, try to plant it well.

Light - Full sunlight to part shade.

Place - Avoid keeping in dark places.

Water - Wait till the soil is dried out a little and then water again.

Fertilizer - Any organic fertilizer annually.

Temperature - 18 to 30 Degrees C

Special Features

                Heart shape leaves. Gifting plant and an ornamental to grow in the garden.