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Hoya kentiana 'Green' - Plant

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Hoya kentiana 'Green' - Plant  - Plants World

Hoya kentiana 'Green' - Plant

Common Name - Hoya kentiana 'Green' 

Scientific Name - Hoya kentiana 'Green' 


Hoya Kentiana, or wax plants, are popular species for their unusually beautiful foliage. The foliage is light green, elongated, and pointy, and the flowers, when you get the chance to see the plant bloom, are wine red with a yellow corona.


Hoya kentiana plant Care and Instruction

Hoyas are one of the easiest vines to take care of. Their needs are little and in the case of Hoya – less is more! Hoyas like medium to bright indirect light. It detests direct sunlight and dark corners! Hoya plants are very sensitive to over-watering. To avoid this always keep a Hoya in a pot with a drainage hole. Use well-drained soil or coco peat and perlite mix to make sure the excess water gets drained out. Water the Hoya only when the soil is completely dry. If it is moist you can let it be for a couple of days before checking on it again. It is better to underwater than overwater your Hoya plant! Don’t cut the long tendrils of your Hoya as the leaves and flowers develop from these!

Light – Indoor Filtered Light, Outdoor Shade

Place – Balcony, Hanging, Outdoor

Water – Daily

Fertilizer – Any Organic fertilizer as needed

Temperature Normal

Special Feature

It is an Air purifying plant