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Hoya carnosa Green - Plant

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Hoya carnosa Green - Plant  - Plants World

Hoya carnosa Green - Plant

Common Name: Hoya carnosa

Scientific Name: Hoya carnosa


Hoya carnosa, the wax plant, is a popular house plant grown for its attractive glossy foliage, and sweetly scented flesh-colored flowers so exactly resembling wax, that you might almost make it into candles. It is mesmerizing not only because of its fragrance and waxy appearance but also because of the fact that each of its flowers looks like a five-pointed star and the cluster of flowers also arranges itself in a star shape. If you're looking for an exotic indoor plant that's very easy to grow, take a look at hoya (also sometimes called wax plant). This unique houseplant is a vine (but don't worry; it's not a fast-growing one!) that has thick, waxy leaves and clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers. It's among the most tolerant of all houseplants.


Hoya carnosa plant care and instructions 

Light - Bright Indirect sunlight or sunlit for 1-2 hours.

Place - Indoors or Outdoors

Water - Sparingly water twice a week.

Fertilizer - Liquid fertilizer once a month.

Temperature - Average

Special Features 

Air purifying.