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Hirwa Chafa, Green Champa, Artabotrys suaveolens - Plant

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Hirwa Chafa, Green Champa, Artabotrys suaveolens - Plant  - Plants World

Hirwa Chafa, Green Champa, Artabotrys suaveolens - Plant

Artabotrys suaveolens is distributed from north-eastern India, Burma (Myanmar), throughout the Malay Peninsula to Indonesia and the Philippines. It is found in dry thickets, secondary forest and primary forest from 100-800 m altitude.


A. suaveolens comes from the family of Annonaceae. It is a scandent shrub or climber that can reach measures up to 25 m tall.

The young twigs are with many fine appressed brown hairs.

The leaves are elliptical, measuring 5-18 cm x 2-6 cm, wedge-shaped base, obtuse apex, long-acuminate while the petiole is very slender and it is measures about 0.5-1 cm long.

The inflorescence is with many-flowered that consist of up to 3-5-flowered fascicles on a recurved hook-like peduncle.

The sepals are broadly ovate and unite at the base.

There are 6 petals where the outer petals are measures up to 1.5 cm long while the inner petals are shorter, all densely appressed hairy, creamy white or yellow and with 4-5 carpels

In dry thickets and second-growth forests at low altitudes in the Zambales, Bataan, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon provinces in Luzon; and in Polillo, Mindoro, Palawan, Mindanao, and Basilan.
- Also occurs in India through Malaya to the Moluccas.