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Grape Ivy - Plant

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Grape Ivy - Plant  - Plants World

Grape Ivy - Plant

Grape ivy growing is most suited to use as an indoor hanging plant due to its native habitat in tropical Venezuela, where one will find grape ivy growing in a cascading or trailing profusion of vines up to 10 feet long.

Grape ivy in the home is tolerant of low light exposure, medium heat and low water requirements.


Water: Allow the soil to become nearly dry between waterings. Water the plant thoroughly and allow the water to drain through.

Never let the plant stand in water as this will cause root rot. Set potted Cissus on a bed of pebbles with water (not touching the base of the pot) to humidify the air around it. Mist hanging baskets frequently.

Light: Ivy plants indoors do well in bright indirect light. The plant can tolerate low light settings but will need pinching back frequently as it stretches toward any light source.

Soil: Use a rich, well-drained soil. A potting mix formulated for African Violets is ideal.

Fertilizer: Feed plants at half strength using a houseplant or African violet fertilizer once per season. If the leaves remain rich green, you are feeding enough. If they become pale or yellow, provide an extra feeding.

Ideal temperature: Cissus can tolerate temperatures ranging from 35°-90° degrees Fahrenheit. The plant prefers 60°-80°o degrees Fahrenheit.