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Garlic Vine, Lehsun vel, Mansoa alliacea,Garlic Creeper - Plant

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Garlic Vine, Lehsun vel, Mansoa alliacea,Garlic Creeper - Plant  - Plants World

Garlic Vine, Lehsun vel, Mansoa alliacea,Garlic Creeper - Plant

Bejuco de Ajo is an ornamental evergreen climbing shrub that can reach a height of about 2.5 metres. Its foliage smells strongly of onions.

The plant has long been used in traditional medicine by local people and is also popularly grown as an ornamental and indoor pot plant.


Planting and Caring:

If you are interested in growing garlic vine, you have many options as to where to plant it and how to use it. You can grow the vine in the garden or in containers outside or in the home. One of the top garlic vine uses is to grow it on a chain link fence. Be careful if you use a wooden structure since the vine can get woody and heavy. It can be grown in containers and should be trimmed after the flowers are gone.

As previously stated, the false garlic plant can also be used as substitute for garlic in food. And there are garlic vine uses in herbal medicine systems, where it is used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and antipyretic.

With regards to garlic vine propagation, the plant grows well from cuttings. Take a semi-hardwood cutting with at least three nodes and plant it in a damp mixture of sand and compost, taking off the lower leaves. This starts the rooting process. When you start growing garlic vine, plant it in a garden location that gets either full or partial sun. Garlic vine care is easiest if you grow the plant in well-drained soil.