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Ficus Lyrata - Fiddle Leaf fig Plant

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Ficus Lyrata - Fiddle Leaf fig Plant  - Plants World

Ficus Lyrata - Fiddle Leaf fig Plant

Common Name  - Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Scientific Name  - Ficus Lyrata 


                 Fiddle-Leaf Fig, a native of Tropical Africa, is a large evergreen tree often reaching 40 feet in nature. They have large shiny, fiddle-shaped (or guitar-shaped) green leaves up to 15 inches long. Interestingly, this fig can also be grown as a house plant in a pot. It can also grow as a free-standing tree on its own, growing up to 12-15 m tall. The leaves are variable in shape, but often with a broad apex and narrow middle, resembling a fiddle; they are up to 45 cm long and 30 cm broad, though usually smaller, with a leathery texture and a wavy margin. The fruit is a green fig 2.5-3 cm in diameter


Ficus Lyrata Plant care & instruction

                    Many people notice that their Ficus Lyrata plant may show brown spots on the foliage or drop its leaves. Both of these characteristics are natural and are a part of a normal maturing plant as long as it is not happening in abundance. The plant has sap which when exposed to air (and on top of leaves) causes browning. Excessive browning and dropping leaves may also occur due to improper airflow and lack of humidity in the home; so be aware of this. Adding a humidifier close by the plant or misting around it (NOT directly on the leaves) will help with humidity. Once a month, be sure to thoroughly water the plant to flush out any salts, toxins, or impurities that build up in the soil. Ficus are notorious for being sensitive to chemicals. In the chance of pests, use the least chemically potent pesticide.

Light - Bright and filtered light. it will rapidly deteriorate in dim lighting. 

Place - Indirect sunlight, near the window. Avoid any direct sunlight.

Water - Keep soil evenly moist at all times. (about 2-3x per week) Do not overwater or leave plants sitting in water.

Fertilizer - Feed bi-weekly with a weak green plant liquid solution during the growing season.

Repotting - Change the dirt and transplant it into a larger pot annually.

Temperature - 55º-85ºF. 

Special features

             Air purifying (preventing such problems as coughs, colds, sore throats, and fatigue). The plant will also help with humidity control. Improves productivity and lifts your spirit.