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Delosperma taylorii - Succulent Plant

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Delosperma taylorii - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Delosperma taylorii - Succulent Plant

Common Name: Delosperma taylorii

Scientific Name: Delosperma taylorii, Corspucularia taylorii, Mesembryanthemum taylorii


The Ice Plant is a carefree succulent that has nice compact angular blue-green leaves and is a must add to any succulent or cactus collection. The beauty of the plant is in its ease of growth that suits perfectly for rock gardens. 


Delosperma taylorii plant care and instructions 

It is tolerant of a wide range of soils and habitats but prefers a very porous potting mix to increase drainage. A non-acid soil is ideal. You can grow a plant in a 10-15 cm pot for years and have perfectly happy plants. For best results, use a shallow pot.

Light - Direct sunlight for 2-3 hours daily

Place - Indoors or Outdoors

Water - Once in 10 days. Keep away from exposure to rain

Fertilizer - Generally not required unless the plant is growing actively.

Temperature - Average