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Cupressus Golden, Golden Monterey Cypress - Plant

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Cupressus Golden, Golden Monterey Cypress - Plant  - Plants World

Cupressus Golden, Golden Monterey Cypress - Plant

Common name -Golden Pillar Cypress

Scientific name -Cupressus Golden


Cupressus Golden is a coniferous evergreen tree in the Cupressaceae family. It is narrow and pyramid shaped when young with opposite, simple, entirely scale-like shape. Branches are drooping and dense green.


Plant care and instruction 

The Cypress needs constant watering and a continuously moist soil. Long periods of dry soil leads to browning of the foliage. While young cypress trees need regular watering, established plants (more than 3 years) are comparatively more drought tolerant.

1.Light - Full sun to partial sunlight

2.Place - place with cool indoor temperatures.

3.Fertilizer - once per month with a seaweed fertilizer.

4.Water - The soil should not be allowed to dry out completely.


6.Temperature - 19ºC

Special features 

The plant is used for ornamental purposes like hedges, living privacy screens, and indoor and outdoor planter boxes, specimen trees etc.