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Cryptanthus zonatus – Plant

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Cryptanthus zonatus – Plant  - Plants World

Cryptanthus zonatus – Plant

Common name - Earth's Stars, Pheasant Plant

Scientific name -Cryptanthus zonatus


Zebra Plant is a subtropical perennial herb in the pineapple family that is grown as a house plant in NC. It needs indirect light, as too much sunlight will bleach the showy leaves. It forms a rosette of mid-green leaves with irregular whitish cross bands. ... Provide it with bright indirect light for the best leaf color.


Plant care and instruction

1.Light - indirect sunlight

2.Place-if you have some space in your bathroom, kitchen or even a greenhouse, it will be much easier to provide moisture this plant needs.

3.Water -Twice a week

4.Fertilizer -A slow-release fertilizer

5.Repotting -once a year

6.Temperature -15 to 24 degrees

Special features 

Earth star bromeliads are unique in that they only grow terrestrially as opposed to many other bromeliads that can grow mounted on a substrate. Most Cryptanthus grow close to the ground and can be as small as three inches in height.