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Croton Superstar, Codiegatum variegatum Superstar- Plant

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Croton Superstar, Codiegatum variegatum Superstar- Plant  - Plants World

Croton Superstar, Codiegatum variegatum Superstar- Plant

Common Name - Codiegatum variegatum 'Superstar' croton

Scientific Name - Codiegatum variegatum 'Superstar' croton


Crotons are evergreen plants that look really beautiful in the interiors of the room. They have thick, leathery and shiny leaves. They grow in a wide variety of colors and are valued for their foliage. The leaves look simply stunning. The plant adds an exotic touch to your living room or garden.


Codiegatum variegatum  plant Care and Instruction

Crotons grow best in well-drained soil. Crotons can be propagated using stem cuttings and air layering. Crotons are easy to care about plants. For the best colors of the plant leaves, put your crotons under partial shade. A southern-facing window is ideally suited for the foliage of the crotons. Water the croton plants daily. Crotons love humidity. Keep a few pebbles in a tray and fill it with water. Put the croton plant pot in the tray. This keeps the environment humid and helps in the growth of the plant.

Light - Full Sun to Partial Shade

Place - Indoors or Outdoors

Water - Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater.

Fertilizer - Any Organic fertilizer as needed.

Temperature - Normal

Special Features

Air purifying.