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Crinum rubra - Plant

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Crinum rubra - Plant  - Plants World

Crinum rubra - Plant

The crinum plant reaches 3 to 5 feet at maturity and the same around.

Foliage is spirally arranged, coarse and open.

It is often used for a short, growing hedge where blooms and fragrance can be enjoyed.

Locate crinum lilies in groups, spacing plants 4 to 6 feet apart.


Plant the large bulbs in full sun or filtered light in early spring. As moisture helps this large plant become established, a few water retention pellets in the soil are useful when planting crinum lilies.

A mound of soil around outer edges of the crinum plant helps in directing water to the roots. Bulbs should not sit in water, soil should drain well.

Crinum flowers appear in late summer, offering fragrance and large, showy blooms. They are available in a range of cultivars such as pink-striped ‘Milk and Wine,’ and the white flowering ‘Alba.’

A member of the Amaryllis family, crinum flowers grow on rigid, sturdy spikes (called scapes). In warmer zones, crinum flowers persist for most of the year.

Most information indicates the crinum plant is limited to USDA plant hardiness zones 9-11, where they function as evergreen perennials with long lasting flowers.

However, the resilient crinum lily bulbs are known to exist and keep blooming for decades as far north as zone 7.