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Crinum Lily, Spider Lilly (White) - Plant

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Crinum Lily, Spider Lilly (White) - Plant  - Plants World

Crinum Lily, Spider Lilly (White) - Plant

Common Name:  poison bulb, Spider Lily
Botanical Name: Crinum Lily
Type: Lily

Bloom Time: Seasonal bloomer

Bloom Description: White

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Medium

Flower: Showy, Fragrant

Leaf: Evergreen

Other: Winter Interest

Tolerate: Drought


Crinum asiaticum, commonly called giant crinum, is a tender perennial bulb in the amaryllis family. Fragrant, long-tubed, 6-petaled, lily-like flowers (each to 4” wide and long) with tubular corollas bloom summer to fall (sometimes year-round in warm winter locations) in large umbels (each having 20-30 flowers) atop thick leafless succulent scapes rising from the foliage clump to 4-6’ tall. Flowers are white, but sometimes are striped with red or tinged with purple. Each flower has six long protruding stamens with red filaments.

Planting & Caring -

Bulbs are easily grown in consistently moist, organically rich, fertile soils in full sun to light shade. This plant is fairly tolerant of brief periods of drought. Plant bulbs in pots/containers that are at least two inches larger in diameter than the bulbs. Bulbs like to be pot-bound. Set each bulb in a pot with the neck exposed. Keep soils moist and fertilize regularly during the growing season. Bring containers inside in fall before the first frost for overwintering in a frost-free location. Return containers to the garden after last spring frost date