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Crassula Hobbit - Succulent Plant

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Crassula Hobbit - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Crassula Hobbit - Succulent Plant

Crassula are a genus of succulents that are often seen at garden centers. They come in many forms and varieties. Today we’ll be exploring Crassula ovata ‘hobbit’.

Hobbit succulent Jade plant is a trumpet-shaped, shrubby succulent that can take on a tree like form when mature. It is similar to the variety Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ in looks and growing habit

The plant is native to South Africa. and the cultivar was introduced in the 1970’s. In its natural habitat, the plant grows on rocky hillsides in full sun with little rainfall.


Crassula ovata ‘hobbit’ is a slow growing succulent that is perfect for those with brown fingers. It is easy to grow and doesn’t mind a bit of neglect.


Crassula Hobbit can grow in both full sun and partial shade. Outdoors, give this succulent a spot that gets at least four house of sunlight a day.

Inside, grow Hobbit near a bright, sunny window. Even though the plant can grow in partial shade, the colors won’t be as vibrant, and you may find it reverts to mainly green instead of red tipped leaves.

Group hobbit jade with other succulents so they all benefit from the same window spot. This propeller plant – crassula falcata and the blue chopsticks plant – senecio vitalis all love bright sunlight, just as hobbit does.

A good way to water is the “soak and drain” method.  To do this, bring the plant to the sink and give it a good soak, allowing the water to drain out of the drain hole in the bottom of the pot.


Like all succulents, a well draining soil mix is needed for Hobbit since sucuclents are prone to root rot if over watered.

You can choose a specially formulated soil for cacti and succulents, or add perlite and coarse sand to ordinary potting soil.

In general succulents like a slightly acidic soil with a pH about 6. Fertilize crassula ‘hobbit’ once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to one half the recommended strength.