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Crassula dubia - Succulent Plant

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Crassula dubia - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Crassula dubia - Succulent Plant

Common Name - Crassula dubia 

Scientific Name - Crassula dubia 


The South African native Crassula dubia 'Paddle Succulent' features silvery, rounded leaves with a distinctively flat paddle shape. Covered in a fine layer of powdery farina and soft ‘hairs’, the leaves appear satiny to the touch – but take care not to mar this coating with the oils from your fingertips! The margins of the leaves blush a pretty pink color when exposed to stress, such as bright light or cool temperatures, adding to their almost surreal appearance. Reaching only 6 inches in height, ‘Paddle Succulent’ makes a great contrasting addition to any arrangement, or can readily hold its own on a sunny windowsill.


Crassula dubia plant Care and Instruction

Adapted to the harsh climate of its native environment, 'Paddle Succulent' requires plenty of full sunlight, as well as a porous soil mix with adequate drainage. Water thoroughly only when the soil is completely dry throughout, and take care not to overwater – the thick leaves store a huge quantity of water for the plant to draw from! Be sure to protect these chubby leaves from frost during the colder months, and you will be rewarded with compact clusters of petite, creamy green blooms during the spring and summertime!

Light - Full Sunlight

Place - Indoors or Outdoors

Water - Daily

Fertilizer - Asb needed

Temperature - Non frosty

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