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Canna ‘Flirtini’ – Plant

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Canna ‘Flirtini’ – Plant  - Plants World

Canna ‘Flirtini’ – Plant

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Common name -canna flirtini

Scientific name -Cordyline terminalis


Canna at its finest, perfect for landscape or container gardens. A refreshing combination of fruity pink flowers and strong dark foliage. Flirtini™ has a natural, compact growth habit for easy maintenance. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies


Plant care and instruction 

With masses of broad fleshy leaves, cannas do best with a good supply of water, so water the plants during the summer if the rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. Water freely in a dry spell. Cannas are not picky when it comes to fertilizer. Cannas easily bloom all summer without much effort.

1.Light- full sun or in partial shade

2.Place -Cannas thrive in hot, humid weather.

3.Water -Moderate

4.Fertilizer -Use a Slow-Release fertilizer in early Spring, repeat as directed.

5.Repotting -annually

6.Temperature -up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Special features 

Rhizome A decoction of the fresh rhizome is used as febrifuge, dropsy, dyspepsia, diuretic, antipyretic, gonorrhea, and women with irregular menses. Macerated rhizomes are used to ease nosebleeds. Rhizome has been used with other medicinal plants for cancer treatment