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Calathea ornata 'Pin-stripe' - Plant

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Calathea ornata 'Pin-stripe' - Plant  - Plants World

Calathea ornata 'Pin-stripe' - Plant

  • The leaves are oblong in shape and have a glossy finish. New growth emerges from the center of the plant, and the leaves are situated at the end of long stems.

  • Fully mature plants can reach heights of 3 to 9 feet in their natural habitat; however, when grown indoors, the pin stripe plant usually does not stand more than 3 feet tall and reach more than 3 feet wide.


Location plays a big part in your success with a pin stripe plant, as the setting dictates the conditions it will be exposed to. Because it’s a tropical plant, it prefers bright, yet indirect sunlight. Lighting is one of the reasons why this plant is so fussy.

If this prayer plant isn’t provided with enough light, it’s growth will be stunted; however, if it is exposed to high amounts of direct sunlight, the delicate leaves of the plant will burn.

When choosing a location for your pin stripe plant, make sure that it won’t be exposed to bright, direct sunlight. If you aren’t too sure about the amount of sunlight it is receiving, keep a close watch on the leaves. If it looks as if the leaves are starting to lose their stripes, it’s getting too much sunlight and it needs to be moved.


As a tropical plant, the calathea ornata thrives in moist, well-draining soil. While the soil should retain ample amounts of water, it shouldn’t be standing, and it should allow the plant to breathe.

A heavy, compact soil isn’t ideal, as it can retain too much moisture and ultimate, they roots can develop rot and die, or pests can be attracted to the plant. Choose a potting soil that is made specifically for tropical plants.


Water is vital for all species of plants, and the calathea ornata is no different. As a tropical plant, it loves moisture. The soil should always be moist, but it shouldn’t be completely saturated.

To determine when it needs to be watered, feel the soil. If the top inch or two feels dry, it’s time to water it. On average, it should be watered at least once a week, if not more; depending on where the plant is located and what type of soil it is growing in.


Again, because this is a tropical plant, humidity plays an important role in a pin stripe plant’s health. in order to mimic the native conditions, this plant requires a great deal of humidity.

To achieve appropriate humidity levels, you can spray the undersides and tops of the leaves on a daily basis in the morning. Misting in the morning is important, as doing so will allow the leaves to dry out throughout the course of the day.