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Blue Bismarkia, Bismarckia nobilis green form - Plant

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Blue Bismarkia, Bismarckia nobilis green form - Plant  - Plants World

Blue Bismarkia, Bismarckia nobilis green form - Plant

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

There are two types of this palm a green leaved one and a silver - grey leaved one. They both grow in different areas in Madagascar.

Blue sapphires are found in the area where the blue bismarkia grows and large scale felling is done as people dig for these.

The palm has a full rounded to oblong leaf crown 7 to 8 meters tall and six meters wide palms easily grow to 25 meters tall. leaf stalk or petiole splits at the base, where it is attached to the trunk.

Leaf is carried on 2 to 2.5 meter petiole. Leaves and leaf stalks are covered with a white waxy substance. Male and female plants are seperate. Both are required to set viable seed.


In its native habitat in Madagascar, Bismarck palm can grow close to 75′ feet tall.

Cultivated Bismarck palms rarely exceed 25′ feet. The tree grows from a single trunk, covered in gray or tan bark.

The trunks may reach 12″ to 18″ inches in diameter, with a slight bulge near the base.

The trunks don’t have leaf bases.

The leaves are often silver-blue and grow to several feet.

The rounded leaves feature multiple blades, resembling a frond.

The leaves form an almost spherical crown, measuring about 20′ feet wide and 18′ feet tall, depending on the size of the trunk.