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Ashoka Tree, Polyalthia longifolia - Plant

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Ashoka Tree, Polyalthia longifolia - Plant  - Plants World

Ashoka Tree, Polyalthia longifolia - Plant

Common name -ashok tree

Scientific name -polyalthia longifolia


Monoon longifolium, the false ashoka also commonly known by its synonym Polyalthia longifolia, is an Asian small tree species in the family Annonaceae. It is native to southern India and Sri Lanka, but has been widely introduced elsewhere in tropical Asia and Africa. This evergreen tree is known to grow over 10 m.


Plant care and instruction

Mature Ashoka trees do need heavy feeding as they get all the necessary nutrients from the soil. The best Fertilizer for Ashoka Tree, during their growing period, is organic fertilizer. You can use it twice a year, from May to June and then from October to November.

1.light -Full sun to partial shade -Rich, loamy and well-drained soil

3.water -moderate

4.fertilizer -during their growing period, is organic fertilizer

5.temperature -20 to 35 degree C

Special features

Polyalthia longifolia is a tall, handsome tree with pendent linear leaves that is cultivated in most parts of Sri Lanka and India as an avenue tree and around temples for its religious significance.