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Aralia Black - Plant

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Aralia Black - Plant  - Plants World

Aralia Black - Plant

Common Name: Spinach leaf, Polyscias Guilfoyle variegated, Geranium aralia
Botanical Name: Aralia Black
Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Rarely blooms
Bloom Description: White or Greenish
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained, Average
Maintenance: Medium


Aralia Black- A genus of the Araliaceae, the Aralia, commonly known as spikenard, consists of 68 species of plants. It originates from the Americas and Asia, species pre-dominantly occurring in the woodlands in the mountain. The plants from this species vary in size, varying from as small as 20 inches in height, to growing up to 20 meters tall. The plants have double-compounded leaves that are clustered in towards the end of the branch or stem, while some species have leaves that are covered in bristles.

The exotic looks of the Aralia plants can be attributed to its woody and thick curving that is unique to the family. Being used as a floor plant when grown up, the Aralia also makes for an excellent table plant during its infancy. The plant is available in a number of varieties, ranging from solid green, white, or gold to dark green to almost black leaves of the petioles and leaves. The massive sweeping branches and the woody trunks are the most attractive attributes of the Aralia.

Planting & Caring -

The Aralia can take on conditions with low lighting. However, bright or medium indirect sunlight promotes the healthy growth of the plant. The soil required by the plant should be light, well-aerated, and have a base of peat. Liquid houseplant fertilizers can be used during the summer and spring twice a month, while monthly addition is sufficient during the winter and fall season. Overwatering is quite fatal to the Aralia and must be avoided. Trimming of the tips of the plant leads to progressive new growth.