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Allamanda blanchetii 'Purple Allamanda' - Plant

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Allamanda blanchetii 'Purple Allamanda' - Plant  - Plants World

Allamanda blanchetii 'Purple Allamanda' - Plant

Common name(s): Purple Allamanda

Scientific name: Allamanda blanchetii 


                  This shrubby climber bears showy rose-purple trumpet flowers 7-10 cm across, over a long season. Flowers have 5 partially overlapping, rounded petals, of pink to reddish-purple color, more intense in the throat. Opening from burgundy-brown buds, they stand out against the glossy, bright green leaves, 7-12 cm long, held in whorls of four. Grown as a vine or pruned into a bushy shrub, Purple Allamanda blooms on new growth. Purple Allamanda is native to Brazil, and a popular garden plant in India.


Allamanda blanchetii plant care and instructions

                  Allamanda grows very rapidly and needs pruning due to its bushy nature. Also, pruning increases air circulation in plants required for good growth. Allamanda is a bushy nature plant, the large-sized container is preferable as the plant gets heavy with time. You may need to report it every year. Regardless of size, make sure the container has drainage holes at the bottom to ensure smooth drainage of water. Put stone or brick pieces on the holes.

Light - Full sun to partial shade.

Place - Outdoors or balcony

Water - Medium

Fertilizer - Feed the plant with liquid fertilizer in the growing season and cut it down to once a month in winter.

Temperature - 25 to 35 degrees C

Special Features      

                       Allamanda woody vine grows vigorously in full sun or semi-shade, even in poor soil. The plant climbs rapidly, making it good for use over pergolas or on structures with some horizontal support.