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Aglaonema 'White Stem' - Plant

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Aglaonema 'White Stem' - Plant  - Plants World

Aglaonema 'White Stem' - Plant

Common Name - Aglaonema (white stem)

Scientific Name - Aglaonema Commutatum


The stunning white stems are the most fantastic feature of the Aglaonema plant. The leaves are ornamental, long, and have light-colored tips. According to NASA, Aglaonemas are excellent air-purifying plants. They absorb air pollutants such as benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. Native south native Asia, the Aglaonema grows to a maximum of 3 feet and are typically referred to as Feng Shui plants. Feng shui represents the two key elements of life -wind and water, which harmonize one’s chi or life force. Aglaonema white stem plants are perfect when placed on tabletops, bedside tables, kitchen counters, or workstations. Based on their feng shui properties; when positioned at the right angle, the plants can radiate positive energy, help relieve stress, and aid inspiration. They are easy-care plants that require low maintenance, adding a speck of brightness wherever they are placed. Often used as office decor plants, Aglaonema's white stem is one of the easiest kokedama houseplants to maintain.


Aglaonema plant Care and Instruction

They are typical indoor plants. Can also be positioned outdoor but should be kept under a shade. These plants do well in low light and are shade tolerant. Avoid exposure to direct sun. Aglaonema plants retain water and can rot if overwatered. So, soak the moss ball 3/4th in water for 5 minutes once in two weeks in summer and less in winter. Mist twice a week to keep your plant fresh and healthy. Fertilize once a month by mixing plant food into the water before watering.

Light - Avoid exposure to direct sun.

Place - They are typical indoor plants.

Water - Once in two weeks in summer and less in winter.

Fertilizer - Fertilize once a month

Temperature - Normal

Special Features

Air purifying.