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Aglaonema Snow White - Chinese Evergreen

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Aglaonema Snow White - Chinese Evergreen  - Plants World

Aglaonema Snow White - Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema Snow White is hardy, drought-tolerant, low maintenance, air purifier and good luck bringer houseplant,

it does not require to be fed or watered frequently and does exceedingly well at indoors environment.

Aglaonemas are an outstanding shade plants, one of the most cultivated in ornamental plants horticulture.


Aglaonema Snow White Planting and Caring:

Light: Indirect sunlight to full shade

Water: Twice a week

Feed: General purpose liquid fertilizer once in 2 weeks

  • Proper care for aglaonema starts with its proper placement.

  • Your task is to find the area that receives less indirect light.

  • Place your plant far from doors, air vents, and windows in order to ensure it won’t suffer from drafts.

  • Fertilize the species at least 2 times per month.

  • Water them from spring until autumn with an appropriate solution (1 tsp. soluble 20-20-20 analysis fertilizer and 1 gallon of water).

  • Water the plant when the top 2 inches of the soil start getting dry.

  • One of the basic care instructions includes wiping the leaves with a moistened cloth to remove dust and dirt.