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Aglaonema Red Ruby - Chinese Evergreen

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Aglaonema Red Ruby - Chinese Evergreen  - Plants World

Aglaonema Red Ruby - Chinese Evergreen

Height: 1.5 ft.

Plant Size: 5 inch.

Uses: Table top and Gift plants.


Aglaonema Red Ruby Planting:

Grow red aglaonema in low, medium, or bright light. The plant often shows the best color in medium or indirect light indoors. In most areas, it can take some direct sun on the leaves, but in the Deep South, it's best to diffuse strong sun with a sheer curtain.

Water red aglaonema when the soil dries out. This houseplant can go a few weeks without water if you're away from home or get too busy to water. But it does grow best when watered regularly.

Fertilize red aglaonema a couple of times a year to keep it at its best. You can fertilize more frequently if you wish. Use any houseplant fertilizer and be sure to follow the instructions on the product packaging.

Red aglaonema typically doesn't not require any pruning.


Though growing this plant does not require special efforts, still there are some recommendations everyone should keep to.

Some varieties of the plant can easily grow in near shade. Variegated varieties require brighter light, but that doesn’t mean they are to be exposed to direct sun. You will notice if the plant lacks the light, as its leaf stems will become long and leggy.

This plant is rather demanding on humidity and watering. I advise you to keep the soil moist, but the overflow can be very harmful. When it is summer, you are to water aglaonema often. In winter watering should be moderate.

What sort of water should you use? The years of taking care for these plants at home, helped me to learn one more rule: the water for watering should be soft, well-settled and its temperature should not be lower than room temperature.