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Agave Victoriae - Succulent Plant

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Agave Victoriae - Succulent Plant  - Plants World

Agave Victoriae - Succulent Plant

Common name -succulent plant

Scientific name -agave victoriae


This rare, striking agave, named for Queen Victoria in England, forms a small, symmetrical, rosette of dark green foliage with white markings on the side of its toothless leaves. A sharp spine is apparent on the end of each leaf. It grows slowly to one to two feet tall and spreads eighteen inches wide.


Plant care and instruction 

This Agave is hardy to at least 10ºF and possibly lower. Watering and feeding: It is very drought tolerant and develops the tightest form when watered sparingly. Queen Victoria Agave does not need to be watered much in the winter. Soil requirements: Well-drained soil.

1.light -bright indirect light -Well-drained soil.

3.water -Monthly irrigation.

4.fertilizer-any organic fertilizer

5.repotting-as needed

6.temperature -at least 10ºF

Special features

This agave is highly variable in form, but in general, the rosettes are small and compact, composed of short, rigid, thick leaves that are green with a pattern of distinctive white markings.