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Agave lophantha ‘Super White’

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Agave lophantha ‘Super White’  - Plants World

Agave lophantha ‘Super White’

Common Name - Agave lophantha 'Super White'

Scientific Name - Agave lophantha


This tiny succulent with variegated white and green tongue-shaped leaves that grow in mesmerizingly symmetrical rosettes is enough to add both charm and sophistication to your tables or shelves. Agaves are one of the easiest plants to care for. This beautiful member of the succulent family is great for your tabletops and study tables and also looks stunning as a part of succulent arrangements. Agaves thrive on neglect and do not require anything other than a sunny spot and occasional watering to beautify your home.


Agave lophantha plant Care and Instruction

The plant is as fuss-free as it gets and needs very little care. In spring and summers, the growing season, feed your agave plant monthly with a well-balanced fertilizer. However, don't fertilize in the dormant months of winter. Agaves are slow growers and don't need frequent repotting. Repot them every couple of years in a new succulent potting mix to give them a fresh growing medium. Use non-glazed pots for better growth. Most agave plants are propagated by offsets, also called pups, that grow along with the main plant or by tissue culture. In Some varieties, they can also be propagated by seeds.

Light - Agaves require bright direct or dappled sunlight for at least 4 to 5 hours a day, especially in the growing season of summer and spring. Even when indoors ensure that it gets at least bright indirect for good growth.

Place - A bright south-facing window or balcony will be a perfect spot for your little Agave plant. You can also place your agave in a well-lit living room.

Water - Daily

Fertilizer - As needed

Temperature - Normal