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Adiantum hispidulum - Plant

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Adiantum hispidulum - Plant  - Plants World

Adiantum hispidulum - Plant

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Common Name: rough maidenhair fern
Botanical Name: Adiantum hispidulum
Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Non-flowering

Sun: Part shade to full shade

Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained, Average

Maintenance: Low

Suggested Use: Naturalize

Tolerate: Heavy Shade


Adiantum hispidulum, commonly known as rough maidenhair fern, is an evergreen to deciduous fern featuring bipinnate to tripinnate fronds (each to 14” long). It typically grows in an arching foliage clump to 12-18” tall, spreading over time by wiry, short-creeping rhizomes to form small colonies. Each frond is divided into narrow pinnae stemming from the center stem of the front, with each pinna being clad with rough-textured, oblong to fan-shaped, medium to dark green pinnules (leaf segments to 1/2” long). Each pinnule has sori (spores) which appear in summer on the under margins of the pinnules (6-14 sori per pinnule). This fern is native to the shaded rainforest and open rocky sites, often found along rivers and banks, in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, tropical Asia, and Africa.

Planting & Caring -

Easily grown in organically rich, fertile, consistently moist, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Best in bright but sun-dappled or filtered light in sheltered locations with good air circulation. Part shade is better than full shade. Container plants grown as houseplants should be placed near sunny windows but not in direct sun. Foliage may scorch in full sun but growth will lose vigor in too much shade. Water freely and evenly, but avoid overwatering. Soils should never be allowed to dry out. Mist foliage to increase humidity.